Scientific Methods for Weight Loss

The number of people getting obese or overweight in India is increasing faster than the world average. Lockdowns, Work From Home, Low mobility etc. accelerated the pace that people are getting more obese. Although many of us try to reduce our weight, some become successful, but many of us fail. Here is an opportunity to understand the tricks and techniques successfully used by the professionals in this field in reducing weight, which we made totally free for a limited period.

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Master Class on
Scientific Methods for Weight Loss
By Dr. Biju.K.S

Grab this limited time opportunity to learn the nuances in weight loss from a doctor who has 16 years of experience in handling obese and overweight cases.

“Fat won't make you fat. Infact, fat is a necessary nutrient for our health. Yes, you need fat for the absorption and metabolism of vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and K. If you avoid all kinds of fat in your weight loss journey, you will end up with various health issues.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Different factors that we often overlook during weight loss journey.
  • Why does a diet and exercise WONT work for every person?
  • Why did you get stuck and couldn't make progress in your weight loss journey, after making some initial improvement?
  • …… And many more..!