Create LUCK

Conventional wisdom tells us that there is nothing called ‘Luck,’ and that success depends only on hard work. However, many of the successful people consider luck as an important factor in their success. Sajeev Nair, through his research on ‘Thought Process Re-engineering’ (TPR) based on fundamentals of neuroscience, defines Luck with the support of science. In this masterclass he reveals the secrets behind ‘Creating Luck.’

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Master Class on
Create LUCK
By Sajeev Nair

Simple and practical scientifically proven steps to create Luck in your life and to live the Life of your choice.

Your brain has got an 'evidence seeking mechanism' built in. These evidences are what we consider as luck. But there is a scientific process to make this happen in your favour.

What You’ll Learn

'Luck' is scientifically defined in this master class using the fundamentals of neuroscience. In this masterclass you will learn:

  • What is luck and how it happens.
  • Why is it that only few people getting the favour of 'luck'.
  • How to connect luck with the fundamentals of neuroscience.
  • How to create luck using your brain.