Do you want to make a Fortune out of Wellness Revolution 2.0;

that too by helping people to live longer and stay younger? Here is the most ideal profession for you.

When it comes to diseases we have doctors; when it is about maintaining good health, who can help us? Fitness trainers? Dieticians? Yoga trainers?

Yes, they are all good at their profession; but seldom provides a holistic solution for health. This is where a huge gap is felt in the market. People who are looking for maintaining great health are searching for a one-stop solution. They are fed up with the changing diet plans from atkins to paleo or keto without much of a difference or tired of the HIITs and Cardio exercises as recommended by the trainer or the various nutritional supplements which are being popped in.

Lifestyle Coaching


This is a unique course designed by doctors and other healthcare professionals in order to meet the high demand of skilled health coaches especially for the Indian healthcare market where lifestyle diseases are alarmingly increasing and the treatment costs are skyrocketing. The certificates are accredited by IAFM(Indian Association of Functional Medicine), the pioneer organization of Functional Medicine doctors and practitioners in India.

Who can become a Lifestyle Coach?
Who can become a Lifestyle Coach?

Anyone who is passionate about wellness and derive happiness in creating positive transformations in others’ lives can become a Lifestyle Coach. While science background would help to understand the subject easier, even non-science graduates can make it with some extra efforts. Those who are already in the wellness domain, like yoga trainers, fitness trainers, dietitians, energy healers etc can create an edge in their profession by being a Lifestyle Coach.

What should I do as a Lifestyle Coach?

People approach Lifestyle coaches for various wellness related aspects. It can be weight management, enhancing energy levels, coming out of depression, eliminating negative thought processes, creating a personalized diet and exercise plan etc. Once you become a Viegyan Certified Lifestyle Coach, you would be empowered to deal with all these issues. You will also be trained on Lifestyle Modifications for a client using genetic data and present metabolic data with the help of the science known as Epigenetics.

A Lifestyle Coach helps the client to set a few goals in life connected with wellness, with clear cut milestones and helps to create strategies which are practical and scientific, to achieve those goals. Based on the strategies, action plans are created and the Coach works with the client on every action point. As a Lifestyle Coach you are helping a person to move from point A to point B in health and overall quality of life. In the beginning Point B could be 2X than Point A. As you gain experience and once you become an expert, the difference you can make in your client can even be 10X.

What Is Unique About Viegyan Lifestyle Coaches?

Viegyan is the academic division of Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd, the pioneer in Personalised Lifestyle Management in India. Vieroots has a proprietory lifestyle modification program called EPLIMO (Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification). This can be considered as the most scientific Lifestyle management program as this is done using a genetic and metabolic profiling. Hence the coaching you would be doing will be based on scientific and authentic data.

Lifestyle Coaching

It's All About Lifestyle Coaching

You can enjoy time and money freedom. You decide the price for your time.
How do I make money as a Lifestyle Coach and how much?

You can take up Lifestyle Coaching as a Full Time or Part time profession. As the coaching sessions you do with your coaches are online, you can work from the comfort of your home; but needs to have absolute discipline. You can charge Coaching Fee based on the number of sessions or for a period of time. As you gain experience, your per hour value can go as high as you wish. There are coaches who even charge a million dollar as annual coaching fee.

How to become a Lifestyle Coach?

You need to get professionally trained as a Lifestyle Coach. Viegyan Academy, a pioneering institution in India in the Lifestyle Coaching, offers the ‘Certificate Program in Lifestyle Coaching.’ Once you successfully complete the Certification program, you can start your coaching practice under the mentorship of Viegyan Mentors.

How will Viegyan help me to create a successful Coaching profession?

Lifestyle Coaching
A successful Coaching profession
Lifestyle Coaching
Certification Program in Lifestyle Coaching
  • Foundation to Nutrition, Various Diet plans and their applications.

    Designing Personalized diet plan

  • Basic of Human genetics and Epigenetics.

    Basics of Epigenetic Lifestyle Management; EPLIMO based coaching.

  • Epigenetic modifications based on Nutrition, Fitness and Psychology.

    Effective use of nutritional supplements based on epigenetics.

  • Foundation to Exercise Physiology; Various Fitness models.

    Basics of Yoga and Meditation.

    Basics of Human Physiology; Cellular functions.
  • Immune system and how to strengthen the immunity.

    Toxins and various detoxification methods.

    Gut microbiomes and how they influence your health.
  • Managing your brain through your gut for better performance and longevity.
  • Various theories of Aging and Longevity and practical applications to slow down and reverse biological aging.

  • Attaining Peak Performance levels by effectively using biology and neuroscience.

    Fundamentals of Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR) and applications in life

  • Communication Skills- Verbal/Nonverbal, Social Media communications.

    Business Skills for a lifestyle coach- Entrepreneurial mindset; Sales and Marketing skills; Finding new customers; Using social media for business etc.

  • How to identify nutritional deficiency and clinical indicator of nutritional deficiency.
  • Practical sessions- ie: peer to peer coaching sessions under guidance.

Course Content

- Introduction,
- Basics of Coaching,
- Practical Applications in Healthcare,
- Different Models of Coaching


- Genetics and Lifestyle Diseases,
- Epigenetics:- Physio/Nutri/Psycho- epigenetics,
- Life-style Modification using EPLIMO,
- Healthy Aging:- Theories and its applications


- Prebiotics & Probiotics,
- Nutritional Supplements for lifestyle diseases,
- Various diet patterns,